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Provence - Expo Paris 1937

Provence at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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A forecourt precedes the entrance to the pavilion, and from the terraces on the forecourt opens the monumental door in the form of a large niche decorated with frescoes.

The pavilion of honour, consisting of a large room with an arcaded ceiling, contains three important sculptural motifs.

On one side of the room, three large windows open onto three cells containing the intellectual's library, the common room of the rural dwelling, and the dining room of the fishermen's meeting place, all furnished and arranged with a great deal of care.

The evocation of games and leisure activities, intellectual life, arts and crafts, and tourism have an important place.

The terraces, under the arcades, open up a perspective on the Seine and group the craft activities.

The restaurant is on the first floor.

Life on the quay completes this regional presentation.

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