International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Modern Life in Paris 1937

Arts and techniques applied to modern life

May 25, 1937 - November 25, 1937

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Brittany at the Exhibition Paris 1937

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Architect(s) : Couasnon, Penther, Ferré et Liberge

The Pavillon de la Bretagne was built partly on the roof of the state railway, partly on the lower part of the quay.

A decorative column, a real sculpted menhir, marked the main entrance on the Quai d'Orsay.

On each side, a double step gave access to the entrance porch.

The pavilion had three floors:

On the lower floor, at the level of the riverbank, you could taste products from the soil and the sea.

The middle floor was reserved for handicraft production: furniture, embroidery, lace, pottery, basketry;

The upper floor was dedicated to the synthetic presentation of the various branches of Breton activity.

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