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Middle Loire Valley - Expo Paris 1937

Middle Loire Valley at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Leconte, Balzer et Boille

This pavilion was distinguished by its small chapel with a very slender bell tower. It is particularly characteristic of the region and was used to showcase all the decorative arts: sculpture, frescoes, stained glass windows and as a concert and projection room.

The main pavilion included an information room.

Under the staircase, you could see a diorama of the Loire River with golden sand, photographs and prize-winning animal models.

In the Salle des Métiers, you could see a weaver from Le Havre working on an old loom, a potter from Cholet and a medallist from Saumur.

A terrace adjoining this room had flower stalls and a vendor was selling the famous Mayenne cake.

In a cellar whose façade was decorated with a large fresco magnifying the vineyards of the Loire, the wines and liqueurs of the region as well as its food products were presented.

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