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Normandy -

Normandy at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Robinne, Dubreuil, Dufour, Féray, Hébert.

Finishing the part reserved for the Regional Centre on the banks of the Seine, this pavilion was truly Norman with its large tiled roofs and sculpted frames.

A signal tower, dominated by the two heraldic leopards, indicated the pavilion from afar, which included an entrance hall intended for the exhibition of Norman cities, a salon d'honneur, a modern Norman dwelling, the home of a wealthy amateur arranged as a studio, which was the seat of artistic events.

In the extension of the hall, a balcony extending to the private house was reserved for the exhibition of the Norman countryside, which was expressed through sculptures, paintings and dioramas.

At the southern end of the pavilion, the restaurant forms a point on the Seine.

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