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Nivernais-Berry - Expo Paris 1937

Nivernais-Berry at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Société pour le Développement du Tourisme 1937
Architect(s) : Pinon, Palet, PAscault et Barge.

It was the real regional house of the trades gathering the craftsmen of the two provinces and all their activities.

In the large hall, the cells of the small industries and the tourist dioramas; on the first floor, the room of teaching and that of the intellectual life which was the living room of honor; in the staircase of the turret an economic map with graphics; on the second floor the lodging of a chief of average culture including a common room (Indre), an office (Cher) and a bedroom (Nièvre).

On the third floor there was a restaurant with furnishings and tableware in the style of the region.

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