Limousin, Marche, Quercy and Périgord - Expo Paris 1937

Limousin, Marche, Quercy and Périgord at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault
Architect(s) : L. Thuillier, Gay-Bellile, Cabrol et Raybaud

It was designed in the image of the beautiful, imposing residences with their silhouettes of roofs, towers and walls of yellow and red stone, bathed in light.

Inside, it included a vast exhibition hall, a "gastronomic relay" and a tourist office.

Everything was set up to showcase the life of this region in all areas of the mind and work: paintings, frescoes, tapestries, ironwork, bas-reliefs and dioramas of the most beautiful sites.

We know that horse breeding was a richness of the Limousin, you will see this in photographs and statistics.

The Pompadour stud farm was particularly active in giving lustre to this part of the section, in agreement with the Société des Courses.

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