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Pyrénées-Orientales - Expo Paris 1937

Pyrénées-Orientales at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Daures et Valette.

This pavilion appeared to be placed on a pedestal that formed a terrace raised a few metres.

The main entrance, crowned by a large stone motif, was surmounted by a rectangular tower.

To the left was a patio. A staircase led to a terrace with a pergola.

A second wing with its brick and pink tiles evoked the buildings of the middle Garonne valley.

The various rooms which followed one another in a logical order had the following designations: Tourism and Thermalism - Natural wealth of the soil, Food products, Industry, Crafts, Agriculture, Gardens, Expressions of the thought, Fine Arts.

In the south wing, a 5-metre diorama was a faithful picture of winter sports.

It should be noted that the aeronautical industry was presented under the sign of Clément Ader, the father of aviation, a native of Muret. The replica of the model of his monument, executed by M. Landowski, served as a central motif in the hall, behind which a large fresco was developed.

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