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Mediterranean Languedoc - Expo Paris 1937

Mediterranean Languedoc at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Société pour le Développement du Tourisme 1937
Architect(s) : Ricome et Floutier

This pavilion was composed of elements reminiscent of classical Languedoc monuments.

Above the base, three frieze bands represented the sea, the plain and the mountains.

You entered the pavilion by three stone steps and entered a hall lined with an alveolus designed to evoke the sea.

The great hall was of a more marked tone; all the decoration of the ceiling glorified the wine, dominant production of the region.

On the south panel a scroll supported trays with samples of various minerals; on the north panel, silk, wool, skins and salt.

In the centre was the tourist office.

A bar was installed in the basement.

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