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Roussillon - Expo Paris 1937

Roussillon at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Société pour le Développement du Tourisme 1937
Architect(s) : Mas-Chancel et Joffre

Here you will find a patio surrounded by porticoes, an exhibition of sculpture, sandstone and terracotta, and a small orchard with fruit trees.

On the left, there is a roundabout for regional dances accompanied by "coblas" (musicians).

From the roundabout, the shady alleyway opened onto the craftsmen's shops and led to a "paraguere" reserved for mineral water and the aquarium.

On the first floor: a large room dedicated to tourism, a library with works by writers and historians of Roussillon, a retrospective exhibition of costumes, bonnets and medals.

An outside staircase, covered by a flowery pergola, linked the dance roundabout to a loggia from which a viewpoint could be reached.

Copyright By Société pour le Développement du Tourisme