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Forez-Vivarais - Expo Paris 1937

Forez-Vivarais at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Farat, R. Martin et Gosselin

The double character of these provinces was expressed by two aspects of the façade: Forez by a sandstone construction without embellishment and three two-leaf wrought iron doors made of elements borrowed from the cycle, ribbon and arms industry; Vivarais by its "caillasse" masonry, a frame of bays and corner chains made of large cut rubble stones.

Opposite the pavilion, arcades with a central arch framing a statue celebrating the waters of the two regions.

On the ground floor, a hall of honour, a sort of palace of polished metal, containing graphics, dioramas and where the presentation of finished products was compared to that of the products of the beginning; showcases for the textile industries of the Foréziennes: velvet, ribbons, silks.

A large map of the Loire department faced the entrance door, and below it were exhibited prototypes of the industry in Saint-Etienne compared to earlier production.

In an upper gallery, a panoramic route was developed.

A folklore room showed manuscripts, precious books, works by painters and sculptors, and old and contemporary publications from the regional press.

In the centre, the special exhibition of the City of St-Etienne, where the French bicycle and the sewing machine were born.

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