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Lyonnais - Expo Paris 1937

Lyonnais at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault
Architect(s) : Cuminal, Giroud et Bourdeix

It took the form of a square tower 34 metres high, adjoining a pavilion comprising a ground floor and a first floor.

In the various rooms, the products of the main regional productions or activities were displayed.

The silk industry, gastronomy, and oenology had a predominant place there.

On the ground floor, the entrance hall reserved for the silk industry was decorated with cascading streams of silk.

From this hall, one could access the Lyon restaurant and the Beaujolais stand, as well as the stands of the Lyon designers.

On the first floor there was an exhibition room for the textile industries of Lyon, Tartare and Villefranche, a library and finally another room where various sections were grouped together, such as those for Education, Town Planning and Tourism.

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