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Ile-de-France - Expo Paris 1937

Ile-de-France at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : de Saint-Maurice, Lefebvre, Hoff, Caignart, de Mailly, Armand,G.F. Clabaux

It was located in the axis of the Grand Place and was its main motif.

It consisted of three buildings.

The central one was the "Maison de l'Ile-de-France", which housed salons where the most varied productions could be seen.

This building was flanked on the right by the "Youth Hostel" and on the left by a wide-open orangery. The "Auberge de la jeunesse" was a reminder that the Ile-de-France region at the gateway to Paris offered a much-appreciated tourist attraction.

In the orangery, one could admire the most beautiful shrubs and flowers from nurserymen and horticulturists.

Outside, in a setting of flowerbeds and boulingrins, fountains and water fountains kept things cool.

Finally, the upper terrace was used for the games that were popular in the region.

The pavilion also contained a beautiful festival hall.

At the southern end of the Regional Centre, there was a mountain village square with a large chalet at the back, such as one finds in the high valleys.

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