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Alsace - Expo Paris 1937

Alsace at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Herrensschmidt, Stoskopf et de Lapparent

The Alsace pavilion was very high above the ground and remarkable for its high roof, square turret and heraldic tree.

In the basement a potash mine gallery was reproduced.

On the ground floor, a main porch with three large arches led to the restaurant and a courtyard garden.

On the first floor, the large craft room showed hangings, textiles from the Upper Rhine, pottery from Soufflenheim, glassware from Valerystahl; this was followed by the Folklore and Alsatian interior rooms, the Towns room and the turret room reserved for the Christian Artists of Alsace.

The first floor of the galleries was occupied by the Agriculture and the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg. The diorama of Belfort and that of the Pechelbronn Oil Company were on display.

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