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Lorraine -

Lorraine at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault
Architect(s) : Le Bourgeois, Tribout, Drillien et Zimmermann

The pavilion formed a sober mass next to the Alsace pavilion.

A statue of Joan of Arc was a sort of consecration for the monument with its very simple lines, wide bays and round-headed porch.

The entrance rotunda housed a diorama representing the production of textiles, linen from the Vosges and other industries such as paper-making and violin-making.

On the first floor, the metallurgy, mining, quarrying, chemical and wood industries were displayed; in the rotunda, another diorama reproduced the manifestations of agricultural activity.

In the room on the ground floor, on a counter, were displayed samples of Verdun's dragees, Nancy's macaroons, Bar-le-Duc's jams, Metz's candied fruits, Commercy's madeleines, all of which are world-renowned products of choice.

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