International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Modern Life in Paris 1937

Arts and techniques applied to modern life

May 25, 1937 - November 25, 1937

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Champagne at the Exhibition Paris 1937

© H. Chipault

Architect(s) : Rapin et Rabussier

To the north of the Grand'Place, the Aube, Haute-Marne and Marne were grouped together in the Champagne pavilion.

The large pavilion had only one floor.

In the basement, a view of the cellars where the old Roman chalk floor intersected with the modern lower gallery.

On the ground floor was the exhibition of the main products, on the mezzanine floor the crafts; on the first floor was a common exhibition room whose old framework recalled the robust roofs of the Champagne region.

The pavilion was adjoined by a covered gallery, set up for the presentation of works of art.

On the side of the pavilion was a large tower with an almost completely transparent lift.

The first and second floors of this tower housed a cabaret in direct communication with the terrace overlooking the Grand'Place.

An 8-metre high luminous fountain was the highlight of this complex.

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