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Flandre-Artois - Expo Paris 1937

Flandre-Artois at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault
Architect(s) : Morel, Quetelard et Barbotin

The left wing was built of local stone and orange-red bricks; its jagged gable facades were typical of the Flemish country.

This part contained three exhibition halls for the rich industries and craftsmen of the region.

A 45-metre high belfry recalled the northern mists from which these high landmarks emerged.

The right wing, reserved for the Pas-de-Calais, only had a façade on the inner courtyards. Simple and pure gables like those of the Boulonnais and the Channel beaches.

Inside, a brasserie with fish tasting, a model fishmonger's shop, the large Press Hall and, on the first floor, in a single room, copious documentation on tourism, industry and the art of Artois.

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