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Finland - Expo Paris 1937

Finland at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Baranger
Architect(s) : Alvar Aalto

The Finnish pavilion consisted of a large cubic hall, a covered gallery and exhibition rooms arranged in a grid pattern, all made of pine or birch wood, evoking the vast forests of that country.

This was complemented by pergolas surrounding a garden, where, to complete the atmosphere, Finland had exported the smallest of its 60,000 lakes.

The visit to this pavilion revealed to the visitors the importance of the wood and paper industries in this state, the extraordinary vogue for sports and amateur theatres, the richness of the popular poetry expressed in the "Kalevala" which is still recited in the evening in these thatched cottages, similar, with their "sauna" or Finnish bath, to the one reconstituted here and which contrasted with the comfortable modern Finnish flat, with its tapestries, statuettes, and decorative motifs.

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