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Siam - Expo Paris 1937

Siam at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Le Mon Chao Smai Chalerm Kridakara

The Siamese pavilion, made of local wood, was a reconstruction on a reduced scale of a pavilion in the royal residence of Ban-Pa-In, not far from the ancient capital of this kingdom.

Brightly coloured glazed tiles covered the roof, which was cruciform in shape and topped by a tapered pyramid, a characteristic feature of the original architectural style of Siamese temples.

Utensils and objects made by craftsmen, theatrical props, a collection of Buddhas from various periods in molten metal, stone, wood and ivory, were arranged inside alongside fine porcelain and ceremonial gondolas in reduction.

Not to be missed was a curious hat woven from peacock feathers which was a rich and expensive Siamese speciality.

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