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Japan - Expo Paris 1937

Japan at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Baranger
Architect(s) : Sakakura

The Japan Pavilion presented the four main points of traditional Japanese "tea house" architecture with its large terrace.

The use of rubble stone, iron posts and metal joinery, wooden clerestories with glass windows, wooden railings and eternit walls created a beautiful overall harmony.

The enormous canopy forming a roof was particularly noteworthy. On the ground floor were displayed the novelties, fabrics, and the three rooms constituting the Japanese house: boudoir, tea room, reception room.

In the first room, decorative arts, porcelain, lacquered wood and bamboo objects were displayed, followed by the propaganda room for the presentation of women's ceremonial clothes.

Through two side escapes you pass from there onto the terrace, while the outside ramp gradually led you to the Science Hall.

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