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Canada at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : J.-E Brunet

The pavilion reproduced, in its shape and proportions, one of the grain stores so numerous in this country.

Its architect, who was also a talented sculptor, had designed the plan and, unique in the exhibition, executed the bas-reliefs and sculptures that decorated it.

On the façade, four aluminium motifs and two large paintings evoked the main regional productions.

A high "totem pole" personified an ancient Redskin deity.

Thirty stands surrounded the central hall, occupied by the major firms of flour, fruit, silk and mineral preserves.

A section was reserved for Canadian arts and crafts: woolen spinning wheels, fabrics as made by the old French Canadians.

There was also a section devoted to the different provinces and another to a vast photographic and literary documentation.

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