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Bulgaria - Expo Paris 1937

Bulgaria at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Baranger
Architect(s) : Jordanov et Sougarev

The Bulgarian pavilion presented, in its general appearance, a synthesis of the historical past and the present, because Bulgarian craftsmen, renowned builders in the Balkans, created a style that still persists in Bulgaria.

You entered through a portico-pergola.

In the entrance there was a decorative map and a water jet spraying rose water.

The main room had a traditional alcove in the back with colourful cushions, a peasant fireplace with brassware, carpets and other characteristic objects.

On the first floor a hall was dedicated to handicrafts: vases, terracotta, embroidery. The hall of the Bulgarian city creates a curious contrast by its traditional decorative atmosphere and its adaptation to modern life.

In the room of the Export Institute, you will see Bulgaria's efforts to develop its nascent industry.

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