International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Modern Life in Paris 1937

Arts and techniques applied to modern life

May 25, 1937 - November 25, 1937

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Czechoslovakia at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937

© H. Chipault

Architect(s) : Krejcar

It was a model creation of the architecture of the future; it was all steel and glass, the two main industries of the country.

In the centre of the "Hall of the States", which you entered, stood an imposing Bohemian Lion, the work of B. Kafka, destined to become part of the monument to General Stefanik, one of the nation's liberators.

You will then walk through the exhibition halls dedicated to porcelain, textiles, schools of arts and crafts, mining and metallurgy. They opened onto a translucent concrete terrace dedicated to water cities and tourist propaganda.

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