International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Modern Life in Paris 1937

Arts and techniques applied to modern life

May 25, 1937 - November 25, 1937

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Sweden at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937

© H. Chipault

Architect(s) : Sven Ivar Lind

The Swedish pavilion was partly built on the quay.

This part formed a single floor reserved for an entrance hall preceded by a terrace, laid out as a garden, for the sculpture exhibition, and a room for the painting exhibition.

The second part, three storeys high, overlooked the Seine and was intended for the social exhibition, the exhibition of applied arts, in particular glassware, ceramics, silverware, pewter, silverware and antique furniture.

The different parts of the pavilion had different shapes depending on the section they were assigned to, as the architecture showed, as the technique and lighting also varied for each section.

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