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Catholic Pontifical - Expo Paris 1937

Catholic Pontifical at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault
Architect(s) : P. Tournon

The Pontifical Catholic Pavilion displayed the pontifical flag for the first time in the history of exhibitions.

If you turned right into the bell tower with the statue of the Virgin Mary at the top, you would first see the rooms reserved for the Missions where an extremely rare collection was assembled.

If you chose the left-hand side, you would pass through a baptistery, the rooms of the Works of the Childhood, a sanctuary built on the scale of a child, dedicated to the First Communion and entirely decorated by the little ones; then there were the rooms of the Youth, the Adolescence, the Christian Home, the Adulthood and finally the Works of Assistance.

A staircase led you to the cloister and the room of the Prayer for the Dead.

The main sanctuary, which you could always walk around, was finally in view with its twelve chapels attributed to foreign participants and its Pontifical Throne, placed in the apse.

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