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Advertising - Expo Paris 1937

Advertising at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Baranger
Architect(s) : G. Grange, H. Le Roy, Vandenbensh et R. Vazeille

The advertising pavilion had a curious facade cut in the middle by a huge panel that sloped boldly to the ground and seemed to draw you invincibly towards the entrance it overlooked.

Metal cells enclosed the most original poster and signage creations of modern artists.

A colossal lighting system with 21,000 lamps created a multitude of constantly changing designs in the evening.

Yielding to the invitation of a gigantic red arrow, you could enter a gallery where a series of stands were allocated to individual artists, publishers and printers.

In the other parts of the palace, advertising took on material forms of expression: print, light and sound techniques.

Another technique governed all the others: the psychological advertising technique, illustrated by examples of campaigns based on these methods.

On the other hand, there was plenty of room for international participation.

A presentation of films with sound commentary highlighted the advertising technique behind them.

On the left, a line of eight towers for industrialists and traders and a set of stands for various products or brands of an exclusive nature formed the centre of the advertising stands.

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