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Plastics -

Plastics at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Société pour le Développement du Tourisme 1937
Architect(s) : Cuminal et Bayen

The Plastics Pavilion had an openwork facade with a luminous pattern on top.

Chemist and artist had collaborated, one in discovering the composition of the body, the other in giving it its elegant form, in the manufacture of all the objects that you could admire in the rooms: cumbersome as chairs and tables, tiny achievements as children's tokens, utilitarian as accumulator containers, laboratory equipment, photographic paraphernalia.

All these products of the most diverse origins, phenol-formaldehyde, formaldehyde-urea, cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, casein, were used for ornamentation and lined columns and walls.

The tiles themselves were made of plastic material that was virtually indestructible.

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