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Ornament - Expo Paris 1937

Ornament at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Baranger

On the banks of the Seine (left bank), opposite the Hygiene pavilion on the other bank, the Elegance pavilion consists of an open ground floor and three floors.

The impression of freshness and lightness seizes the visitor as soon as he enters; the walls are azure blue. The whole is exquisite, worthy of Paris, the city of supreme elegance. It is like being in a dream city. To break the monotony of the banal exhibitions, the dresses and furs on display are presented in an artistic and attractive way. The stylized terracotta-coloured mannequins recreate the living attitudes of women and their true silhouettes.

Lingerie, clothing accessories, perfumery, haute couture, high fashion, luxury shoes, hosiery, and even men's formal wear form an exceptionally elegant ensemble.

The objects are presented as works of art with a decorative element to set the atmosphere in which they are worn.

The clothing accessories are also on display in the Parure Pavilion.

Next door, the Bird Club, a closed circle, rises 20 metres above the Seine on a lantern.

Official guide to the 1937 Paris International Exhibition.