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Manufactures de Sevres - Expo Paris 1937

Manufactures de Sevres at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Baranger
Architect(s) : Camelot et Herbé

The entire pavilion was covered with decorative panels and ceramic facings.

The interior cladding, the floor tiles, the basins and the fountains in the courtyard were made by various ceramic manufacturers, in particular by the Sèvres Manufactory.

However, the manifestation of the activity of this state-owned factory was not limited to this artistic collaboration, which was, moreover, of great significance. It also wanted to provide you with technical information by setting up a workshop on the ground floor where the main stages of ceramic production and decoration were carried out before your eyes, using new electrical equipment.

Nearby, special premises were reserved for the Institute of French Ceramics and for the Technical Teaching of Ceramics to which the Schools of Sèvres and Vierzon, among others, were dedicated.

This pavilion also contained two exhibitions:

- On the coinage

The exhibition of the coinage which placed before our eyes the most beautiful French medals struck in its workshops both in modern times and in the past.

You could see coins from the 15th century to the present day, for example: the motto of Louis XIV, the Baptism of the King of Rome, then subjects reproducing the main events of the Great War, portraits of great men, decorative motifs, religious and sporting themes, etc...

In demonstration sessions, you will see a recent model press, a balance, a lathe for reducing galvanos, an automatic balance.

- On Ceramics and Glassmaking

A large rotunda formed the main hall and its dome was supported by columns between which were arranged display cases with works of ceramics and glass, and panels of wrought glass.

Along a gallery were the stands of important firms and regional groups.

A staircase led to a circular gallery.

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