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Society of Decorative Artists - Expo Paris 1937

Society of Decorative Artists at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Patout, Chaume et Simon

The pavilion opened onto a hall, sheltered by a large canopy.

At the back, four spacious lifts carried visitors to the third floor.

You began your visit in a reception room decorated with paintings and sculptures, followed by a series of rooms, all of which were intended for the doctor's residence: waiting room, clinic room, consultation room and private flats.

On the second floor, large reception and living rooms: dining room, smoking room, embassy room, study and various bedrooms, all the work of contemporary artists; a winter garden with fountains, wrought iron railings and decorative paintings.

On the first floor, the University Club had collective rooms: smoking room, board room, administrator's office, music room, library.

On the ground floor, there were living quarters for the weekend, country houses, fishing and hunting lodges, as well as fabrics, ceramics, glass decoration and engraved glass.

A documentation room and a bookshop provided all the information concerning the Decorative Arts.

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