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Furniture and Furniture Sets - Expo Paris 1937

Furniture and Furniture Sets at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Société pour le Développement du Tourisme 1937
Architect(s) : Chappey

It was a long, white, three-storey building with a semicircular end where the hall of honour was located, topped by a terrace.

The four large rectangular panels of the main facade, all made of glass, were almost the only solid parts and were decorated with sculptures.

Seventy ensembles, selected after a competition, were submitted for your appreciation.

While remaining faithful to an artistic conception of high quality and to a manufacture worthy of the French furniture craftsmen, some exhibitors had judged fair to present sets which could be, commercially, within the reach of the greatest number.

On the other hand, in order to show off the mastery of the furniture designers and specialized workers, they had created other creations in precious materials, in addition to these interesting projects accessible to many.

The organisers had set up an intermediary service between the decorative artists and the technicians, who had made available to several of the latter their very modern tools and the competence of their collaborators, an innovation whose great usefulness deserves to be praised very highly.

On the ground floor there was a collective exhibition of wallpapers and similar wall coverings.

A central staff motif of huge scrolls covered with wallpaper was animated by a rotating movement.

Two rotating scenes each showed three collective ensembles.

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