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Metals - Expo Paris 1937

Metals at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : C. et J. Dorian, J-P. Paquet et B. Vitry

It was very modern in character, built entirely of metal and glass; the interior furnishings and walls were made of metal.

The talent of the most famous ironmongers was called upon for the execution of everything that could be made of wrought iron: doors, railings, balustrades. In the exhibition hall, all the works of locksmiths and hardware manufacturers, all the works of art and building foundries were presented; in addition, the copper, nickel, aluminium and stainless steel centres offered sets of their most recent productions.

In the central part of the hall, large display cases allowed manufacturers of hunting and ceremonial weapons to show you their most beautiful models.

The upper floor was occupied by other showcases devoted to small objects.

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