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Brazil - Expo Paris 1937

Brazil at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Guibert

The Brazilian pavilion had a 30-metre high façade with bas-reliefs reproducing motifs from the Brazilian flag.

The style was sober and modern.

The ground floor was divided into two rooms separated by a diorama representing the famous bay of Rio de Janeiro. The daylight was pleasantly subdued by Brazilian stained glass windows.

The furniture and floors were made of local wood.

On the first floor there was a large gallery with two side staircases. Numerous dioramas evoking the activity of Brazilian life revealed the riches of the soil and subsoil.

Next to them were models of the factories where these raw materials were processed.

A special diorama traced the peregrinations of coffee from its harvest.

Cotton was not forgotten and you could see many views of the cultivation fields, orange and mate plantations.

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