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Picardy -

Picardy at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© H. Chipault

Aisne and Somme, names evocative of glorious greatness, are the two departments making up the Picardy Region.

But apart from the remembrance and evocation of past glories, this region shows, in its pavilion, the effort of reconstitution of the post-war period.

A coordinated whole, showing first on the ground floor, a room for tourism, then a room for textiles, crafts, the "Picardy piece", the various trades and industries, and agriculture.

On the first floor, learned societies and contemporary literary authors from Picardy, a Remembrance Gallery, two presentations to the glory of the conquest of the air and to the glory of Branly, a regional exhibition, and finally the Pantheon.

A characteristic belfry chimes every quarter of an hour over the colourful tiled roofs.

Official guide to the 1937 Paris International Exhibition.