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Union of Modern Artists - Expo Paris 1937

Union of Modern Artists at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
Architect(s) : G.H. Pingusson, F.Ph. Jourdain et A.J. Louis

The pavilion was accessed by a path at the riverbank or through the gardens.

The wall surface on the quay and the pediment was occupied by the works of the graphic arts exhibitors.

The entrance gallery, preceded by a vestibule, was reserved for individual works.

From the gallery, a gently sloping ramp led to the large hall where the models studied in conjunction with the manufacturers were placed: furniture, fabrics, household goods.

Then came the housing gallery with its stands containing very new designs.

The reception centre on the upper floor was occupied by an information office and served to receive French and foreign visitors.

From all points of the pavilion you had splendid views of the Seine, the gardens and, in particular, from the terrace where the sculptures and some light pavilions for sports and weekend stays were arranged.

The architecture of the pavilion asserted the simple material processes, steel frame and Fibrocement cladding, and the character of a temporary construction quickly implemented.

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