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New Times - Expo Paris 1937

New Times at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
© Exposition 37 - Editions Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Architect(s) : Le Corbusier et P. Jeanneret

The Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux was a huge square tent, supported by thirty guyed external metal pylons and a system of cables and steel tubes.

It was intended to be dismantled and transported successively to different cities in France.

The demonstration of this real museum of popular education was intelligible to all and eloquently evoked the new possibilities of architecture and urbanism by means of photo-montages, models and large-scale dioramas.

The classification was very clear in the stands, which could be listed as follows: the Charter of Town Planning, the Exhibition of Analyses of the "Functional City", the National Leisure Centre, the Museum of Paris, the Plan of Paris, the use and organisation of a slum, the four functions of Town Planning, the Bookshop of Useful Works, the Visualisation of the Four Town Planning Functions, the Agrarian Reform, and the wagon-trailer constituting the travelling exhibition of popular education for the countryside

A hall of honour and a room were used for public meetings, conferences, cinema, theatre, etc.

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