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Committee on Techniques Applied to French Mechanics - Expo Paris 1937

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Architect(s) : E. Molinié et D. Boulenger

At the western end of the Annex, the Comité des Techniques Appliquées à la Mécanique Française housed its exhibition in a building in the shape of a large nave 65 m long and 20 m wide.

The doors were decorated with motifs reminiscent of the mechanical industry and the walls were made of special glass and highly decorative materials.

Inside, steam engines, hydraulic machines, lifting devices, machine tools, cutting and stamping machines, and devices for the use of heavy oils were exhibited in such a way as to show the principles of their constitution and operation.

Finally, a large metallurgical laboratory had been organised by Mr Léon Guillet, member of the Institute, director of the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures.

Presented in full operation with a workshop for cutting samples and machining specimens, this laboratory brought together all types of equipment used for testing metals according to the most modern methods: mechanical tests by traction, impact, hardness, repeated efforts, etc., heat treatments, physical and physico-chemical tests, microscopic metallography, X-ray spectrography.

A large number of specialised personnel carried out the tests under your eyes.

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