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Sports Palace - Expo Paris 1937

Sports Palace at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937

In the Sports Palace, all articles and products related to sports, photographs, models, graphics and also works of art had a prominent place, because the class had wanted to achieve a noble goal, that of reviving the ancient tradition by bringing the artist closer to the athlete. Special areas were set aside for exhibitors to demonstrate their equipment.

This was a very attractive innovation. An information desk was set up to provide information.

At the end of the aisle, you had to visit the special Hunting Pavilion.

Sports federations, clubs, stadiums and swimming pools presented their educational facilities.

As for the eugenics exhibition, it showed you scientifically all that had been done or all that proposed to do living work for the improvement of the race.

Behind the great hall, several covered stadiums with a capacity of nearly 6,000 seats were used for international competitions, French, European and even world championships, and indoor sports (fencing, weightlifting, tennis, wrestling, boxing, basketball, etc.).

Conferences on eugenics and sports were held continuously in the conference rooms.

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