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Club-Library - Expo Paris 1937

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Architect(s) : Robert-Houdin et Jack Neel

The Club-Library consisted of a hall where everything relating to holiday camps, protection and rehabilitation was on display: friendships, patronages, French Scouting organisations; a patio, two reception desks, small carpentry and locksmith workshops available to young people, and a room for a girls' home school.

The whole place had an extremely friendly and attractive atmosphere.

The Club-Library also included an arts centre with a tiny stage, mainly for lectures.

Around it opened a series of apses and absidioles which housed a number of workshops for decoration, costumes, electricity, modelling and cardboard where masks and props were made in front of you by the young apprentice directors, set painters, modellers and actors of the artistic and theatrical centre, which had inscribed on its pediment the famous phrase of Gordon Craig, the great theorist of modern theatre: "If you want to bring joy back to Art, call on Youth".

The trials and practical achievements that the young people displayed on the walls showed you what had already been tried and succeeded in this direction.

General events, such as the Etats Généraux de la Jeunesse, the Grand Journée Scoute Interfédérale et Internationale; theatrical events such as the History of France, Galas of films made by young people, drama festivals by foreign students; literary events such as prose, literature and eloquence tournaments; artistic events such as drawing, painting and sculpture competitions reserved for young people, plastic expression and decoration tournaments, the School Print Shop, among many others, not forgetting folklore events.

The groups of the great scout family that will gather here, coming from our provinces or from the Slavic and Scandinavian countries, will bring with them their regional costumes that will give to the parades and dances a note of colour and charm that will be seductive and picturesque.

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