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United States - Expo Paris 1937

United States at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Paul Wiener, Ch. H. Higgins, Julian, C. Lévi

The United States of America pavilion was linked to the Normandy pavilion by two terraces, one on the river bank and the other at the level of the quay, which were laid out as flower gardens.

A 40-metre high tower was transformed into a gigantic torch of fire at night, and projectors directed their wide beams of light up to a height of two hundred metres, illuminating the top of the pavilion with stars reminiscent of the American flag. The ensemble evoked the high buildings of the cities across the Atlantic.

In the part facing the quay, there was a correspondence room and a party room.

The exhibition offered by the United States of America had been designed according to a guideline inspired mainly by their federal spirit. All the objects were presented according to this guideline, whether it was construction, electricity or workers' production.

Among other demonstrations, a relief map of Washington was particularly attractive. You could see the efforts that had been made, with President Roosevelt's impetus, on other important achievements.

Four departments of state had collaborated to showcase these brilliant displays: Treasury, Commerce, Interior and Labor.

Models, industrial products and art objects were methodically and pleasantly arranged on the various floors, the last of which were not accessible to the public.

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