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Large Establishments - Expo Brussels 1958

Large Establishments at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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- Oberbayern: Large Bavarian brasserie with orchestra, seating 3000. Munich atmosphere. Renowned catering. Orchestra of 60 musicians.

- Cinerama: 146° panoramic 3D cinema. Unique and revolutionary show. Seating capacity of approx. 1,200.

- Meli : Vast complex with an exhibition room on the life of bees, a room dedicated to the spectacle of light and music fountains.

- Lorjou: Artistic, graphic and sound presentation of the famous "Roman de Renart" by the non-conformist French painter Bernard Lorjou.

- Water Follies: Large international music hall with variety shows. Could hold 5,000 people. Water show by swimming champions. International skating artists.

- Hawaiian Village: Enclosure grouping a restaurant, an entertainment establishment and 15 cabins. Polynesian dancers performed to the sound of Ukuleles. The village presented traditional shows on a daily basis.

- Rome-Vienna: A double establishment, with the "Roman Cellars" on the ground floor, seating about 500 people, and a Viennese café, "The Blue Danube", on the first floor, seating 1,200 people.

- Moeder Lambic

- Hungarian Cellar

- Swiss Chalet: Authentic mountain chalet in a green setting with pine trees. ,Swiss specialities.

- Electric Robot : Able to speak, calculate, dance, play several musical instruments.

- Bagatelle: Double row of shops

- Grande Galerie: Housed, among other things, an American arcade.

- Trianon: A modern café-restaurant whose various dishes were washed down with Dortmund beer.

- Brasserie Caulier snack bar: The establishment that represented the participation of the Belgian breweries.

- The Frogmen: The performances of real professional scuba divers could be followed through large mirrors. The pavilion was the seat of the International Water Sports Club.

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