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Benelux - Expo Brussels 1958

Benelux at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : F. Bonaert

The Benelux pavilion was shaped like an equilateral triangle and had three glass walls. It symbolised the unity of the three countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, each forming a particular corner of the same whole.

This theme of cooperation was further expressed in the architecture of the building by a central element. The three separate curved panels that made up this element illustrated the characteristic aspects of each of the three countries with photos and texts. The circular frieze that linked these three panels was the symbol of the economic and human alliance that is the Benelux.

The Benelux was to be revealed to you in its very concrete reality.

Go under the frieze and look at one of the seven cavities in the floor. Each of them represented one of the fields in which the Benelux is active. These were, for example, trade, transport, tourism and folklore, Benelux in the world, etc.
This was a completely new type of exhibition.

Wasn't it ideal to allow you to concentrate on a certain subject without being bothered?
There was an information desk in the pavilion.

Brochures and leaflets were available. A cinema screen in one of the walls of the pavilion showed you the magnificent objectives of Benelux in a few pictures.

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