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Province of Brabant - Expo Brussels 1958

Province of Brabant at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : V. G. Martiny

At the corner of the Atomium and Passerelle avenues, you would find the Brabant province pavilion. The trees of the forest park provided a pleasant green background.

You entered the pavilion through a large circular hall into which the conference and exhibition rooms opened.

The reception room was reserved for Brabant tourism.

A 30-metre long colour diorama by the painter Jean Dratz showed you all the monuments and sites of the main towns in the province.

At the foot of this diorama, a luminous map highlighted all the architectural beauties and the main sites of Brabant.

The first floor, which was accessed by three staircases that started in the central hall, was a single, vast rotunda whose perspective was only interrupted by an impluvium.

This was where the main part of the exhibition was permanently held, with the theme: "Technology in the service of man".

Twelve double-sided panels presented the many activities of the province.

On the first floor, a terrace allowed you to take part in the hectic life of this part of the Exhibition, without being involved in it. The view of the gardens, decorated with an open-air sculpture exhibition, offered you a pleasant relaxation.

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