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Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock - Expo Brussels 1958

Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : H. Courtens et M. Dam

Near the Atomium Gate, you were in the countryside: three sets of pavilions and a farm had been erected in the middle of gardens with water games and meadows where remarkable specimens of Belgian livestock grazed and frolicked.

In the reception pavilion, the Ministry of Agriculture and its parastatal organisations presented a summary of their activities aimed at "producing more and better for the well-being of mankind".

Agricultural extension, research and post-school information were developed in the extension of this pavilion. A triangular wing grouped together the agricultural associations, the agricultural credit organisations, the livestock unions and the associations for the fight against livestock diseases.

"Belgium, Garden of Europe" was the theme that inspired the Group to create its superb gardens.

The Belgian countryside was in constant progress:
You could see this for yourself when you visited the medium-sized farm where the livestock was free-stall.

Behind the farmhouse, you could find flower, vegetable or fruit growing in the open air or under glass.

The second group of pavilions was reserved for soil cultivation, agricultural machinery, means of production: fertilisers and soil improvers, plant protection products, seeds and seedlings, compound feed for livestock.

In the third group, the main products of agriculture, horticulture and breeding as well as the means of valorisation and distribution were presented. Among the latter, the refrigeration industry occupied an important place.

An active fish auction allowed you to learn about this modern means of distribution.

In the "Azalia" restaurant, Belgian agricultural and livestock products formed the basis of delicious specialities. The atmosphere was particularly pleasant on Sundays: the Belgian rural folklore games were a charming spectacle.

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