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Water and Air - Expo Brussels 1958

Water and Air at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : J. Otten

This group summarised the natural and artificial evolution of water from its formation in the clouds to its return to the sea.

This theme gave you a sense of the pavilion.

In the central part of the pavilion, you were given scientific data and meteorological characteristics relating to the Belgian climate.

Here you could see the devices used to study precipitation and the conditions of water infiltration in the soil.

You could operate certain devices such as a rain gauge that allowed you to create artificial rain in a defined area.

Research centres and control laboratories dealing with water in Belgium informed you about their activities.

The biology of surface water was presented by the Natural History Museum.

Photos of the experimental high-pressure boiler, which was the first machine of its kind to operate in Belgium, were also on display.

Following the direction of the visit, on your right, you will reach the area reserved for water collection techniques.

The water distribution services explained the mechanisms from the source to the consumer's tap.

The industries that were involved in the transport and metering of water showed you the devices used in this respect.

On the left side, the techniques of water treatment, both for food and for waste water, were presented to you.

After various industrial or domestic uses, wastewater must undergo certain treatments before being discharged into the river.

The water treatment companies presented various devices used for this purpose.

The back of the building was reserved for the Air class.

It displayed the equipment and techniques used to clean the atmosphere of the gases and fumes that pollute it.

Are not water and air essential factors for humanity? Their healthiness guarantees the balance of man's natural life.

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