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Buildings and Dwellings - Expo Brussels 1958

Buildings and Dwellings at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Ch. Van Nueten

To show how architecture and technology are used to serve mankind, it is necessary to demonstrate the construction, layout and equipment of the house.

In order to provide as much information as possible about this programme, the "Buildings and Dwellings" group designed a large complex that occupied a 10,000 m2 site.

A slightly ascending ramp began at the latter level and gave access, on the one hand, to a small reception pavilion, an exemplary formula for prefabricated wooden housing, and on the other hand, to a vast hall called Building A, whose metal framework was of a type never before seen in Belgium; translucent panels in reinforced polyester formed the floating walls.

This building had an exhibition level where, around a synthesis of architectural activity, were arranged the spaces respectively reserved for construction materials and processes, sanitary equipment and the study of lighting problems.

A covered walkway, suspended from three porticoes, linked this building to the upper floor of a second building, built in prefabricated concrete and modulated according to the standards governing school buildings.

This floor, illuminated by a set of Plexiglas domes, was reserved for the household equipment and led to an intermediate level, where the basic aspects of thermal equipment were discussed.

On the lower level, a large capacity restaurant demonstrated the comfort that an artificial climate could create; it was flanked by a cell containing an electrical substation and all the elements of a model boiler room.

The whole was completed by an open-air exhibition area, where an experimental construction site and all the company's equipment could be seen.

Everywhere the emphasis was on the progress made in Belgium in all the sectors involved in building and equipping the home.

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