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Education and Teaching - Expo Brussels 1958

Education and Teaching at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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The Education and Teaching group illustrates the main activities of Belgian education in the most concrete and accessible way.

These activities are divided into eight classes representing the different branches of education.

The Pre-school Education class explains the psychology of the young child and the methods used to integrate him or her gradually into your society.

The setting of this presentation evokes a large garden whose colours and shapes suggest joy.

Primary education applies a progressive method to the intellectual development of the child, taking him/her successively from the knowledge of his/her first environment: his/her home, to that of the wider region, to finally reach that of the World.

Among the many objectives of Special Education, one in particular is proposed for your interest: the rehabilitation of the handicapped. At a stand you can learn about the main methods used for this purpose.

Visiting this other slender-looking stand, dominated by three white, tapering cones, you find the answer to the problem facing Secondary Education: how to make a man out of a child and get him through the period from 12 to 18 years.

The Higher Education class focuses on the training of the elite, while the Staff Training class provides information on the organisation and aims of this education.

In this part of the exhibition, reserved for Guidance and Youth Work, you will find information on non-school movements and organisations, which describe their activities and educational role.

Popular education is also represented here. A cinema room and a stage for various youth events have been set up in this stand.

The whole issue of setting, housing, furniture and decoration is presented by the General School Facilities class, which is exhibiting model kitchens and restaurants.

The realisation of this collective work appears as the "message to the world" of all Belgian teachers, concerned with the progress of their institutions.

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