Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

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April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

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Diamond Industry

Diamond Industry at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958

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Architect(s) : R. Haan

Located opposite the Grand Palais, the diamond industry pavilion was part of a complex that included the Palais de l'Elegance, and the Luxury and Adornment industries.

The mahogany panelling and decoration of the pavilion highlighted the 49 showcase cases that protected a never-before-seen collection of jewels and stones of great price.

A working diamond workshop showed you how to cut and polish diamonds into precious jewels.

Under the entrance portico, four outdoor showcases summarised the activities of the group.

Do you know the fabulous history of diamonds?

Showcase no. 1 recalled the first imports into Europe, the prestige that the jewel enjoyed first in the Oriental courts and then throughout the world, not only as a jewel, but as a factor of industrial progress.

The extraction of diamonds requires an extraordinary effort: to obtain 12 litres of rough diamonds, a volume of earth equal to that of the pyramid of Cheops must be stirred up!

This is illustrated in showcase 2, which shows the various stages of extraction.

In Belgium, Antwerp is the main city for diamonds, where they were used as elegant ornaments. But other industries were born in the country that treated diamond as an industrial material.

These two uses were the subject of the third showcase.

The last showcase presented a luminous map of diamond mining points in the Belgian Congo, a circular saw with diamond teeth, and photographic reproductions of diamond tools in their industrial applications.

The social aspect had not been neglected: the introduction of diamonds in industrial techniques has lightened the workload of the worker.

The Mining pavilion of the Belgian Congo section gave you even more information about diamond mining. If you were interested in diamond tools, visit the pavilion for metalworking.

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