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Luxury, Adornment - Expo Brussels 1958

Luxury, Adornment at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : J. Clément

The pavilion that housed Luxury, Ornament and Fantasy was presented as a case whose sobriety brought out the splendour of the objects on display.

A tribute to beauty, this pavilion was particularly aimed at women. What you found there, Madam, had the effect of underlining your charm.

Whether you entered through the main entrance at the front of the Avenue de l'Industrie or from the Diamond and Elegance Palaces, which were the preface or extension of the pavilion, you entered a kingdom, your own.

A great hall welcomed you.

The representatives of the high perfumery honoured you there.

Would you like to satisfy a smoker's whim? Articles were presented for both men and women.

Fancy jewellery awaited you further on.

Beyond that, the Salon des Orfèvres introduced you to the realm where everything that glitters is a work of art and silver.

At the top of the stairs, gentlemen's tailors presented you with impeccably cut clothes.

In the gallery upstairs, Val St Lambert enveloped you in the glow of its crystals.

Remarkable pieces of cut crystal evoked the themes of the modern century: "The Beginning and the End of the World", "The Bursting of the Earth... ".

Beauty and wealth: jewellers and jewellery makers would gladly adorn you with their creations.

While there were tens of millions of pieces of jewellery, many of them were within the reach of modest pockets.

Along the gallery, luxury leather goods and gloves were on sale.

In addition, art hairdressing, Haute Couture and fur were the main attractions for the events and fashion shows that took place in the Palace of Elegance.

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