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Paper - Expo Brussels 1958

Paper at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : De Doncker

Responding to the theme adopted by the Exhibition, the paper industries sought to reveal the significance of paper in the world today.

A retrospective of the past inspired the fresco which, at the entrance to the pavilion, took you on a journey through the world and the ages and led you along the paper route", a paper mill realistically evoked the making of paper in the 14th century.

Animated light panels described and explained the different pulp making techniques and a small modern "continuous" mill was put into operation.

The services rendered to man in his life and activities by paper were also suggested by a series of scenes delineated in compartments comparable to theatre scenes.

Paper-cut bas-relief figures, placed in a real setting, placed the man in his usual environment.

At home, in the office, in leisure time, in the family, the 20th century man uses paper and derives a large part of his comfort and culture from this use.

Paper products such as envelopes, bags, notebooks, notepads, registers, classic and office products, fancy paper and corrugated cardboard were grouped together in an exhibition guided by the same decorative spirit.

Working machines demonstrated the manufacturing process of envelopes and bags for food products.

After this visit to the paper industry, you could better judge its importance in the world, and the functional and social aspect that its multiple applications could have.

The pavilion was built of wood, the basic material that is nowadays the most important element in the production of paper pulp.

The main facade was entirely covered with wood, reminiscent of sheets of paper spread out.

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