Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

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April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

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Protection and Disaster Control

Protection and Disaster Control at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958

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The progress made in the technical and scientific fields, while it has the effect of improving the well-being of man, has nevertheless led to an increase in the dangers to which he is exposed.

Each country therefore has a duty to increase and adapt the means of preventing and combating all kinds of disasters that threaten the lives and property of its inhabitants.

This group, represented by the Fire Brigade, the Civil Defence, the Red Cross and private industry, gives you an overview of the organisation of these various sectors, as well as the techniques implemented to meet this obligation.

Numerous documentary elements are presented in a standardised tubular structure that frames the entire section. On either side of a central aisle, equipment and vehicles are on display, including a heavy-duty fire engine, high- and low-pressure pump vans with a first-aid tank, an automatic aerial ladder with a first-aid tank, a radio-multiplex station with a telescopic antenna, etc. This walkway leads you
outside, to a training ground, where demonstrations are periodically held.

But your visit will be more interesting if you know the missions of each of the exhibiting sectors:
The fire brigades are the communal and inter-communal fire-fighting organisations. They are also responsible for fire prevention measures and the organisation of rescue services in the event of various accidents.
The main purpose of the Civil Defence Corps is to protect and rescue the population in the event of conflict. It is organised at national, provincial and local levels.

The Belgian Red Cross is the generous and competent collaborator of the public authorities in the field of health and social assistance in case of disasters.

The Belgian private industry is able to design and build the most modern equipment necessary to enable the public services to fulfil their mission as well as private individuals to ensure their own safety.

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